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Chess Resources

On this page are links to useful chess resources and websites of interest.

Chess Organisations

  1. FIDE - The World Chess Federation.
  2. ECF - The English Chess Federation.
  3. USCF - The United States Chess Federation

Chess Blogs and Articles

  1. Chess Cafe - One of the oldest chess websites on the net, with many articles and reviews.
  2. Kenilworth Chess Club - Club website/blog with many interesting chess articles.
  3. Exeter Chess Club - Club website with useful tutorials.

Databases and Training Sites

  1. - Large online database of chess games.
  2. ChessTempo - Online tactics training.
  3. Chess Tactics Server - Online tactics training.

Chess teachers and tutorials

  1. ChessExplained (youtube channel) - Youtube channel of excellent chess teacher, IM Christof Sielecki.
  2. YMChessMaster (youtube channel) - Youtube channel of IM Andrew Martin, FIDE senior trainer
  3. You will become a chess master - Website of chess coach NM Bill Richards
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